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Here you will find some frequently asked questions that Tim gets asked about his unique dining experience 
If you have a question for Tim or require more details get in touch 
Q ˃ How far do you travel? 
I normally travel within the west Yorkshire areas Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Harrogate, York, Skipton, Ilkley, Wetherby but other areas are considered 
Q ˃ How much are you menus?  
They range from 30 upwards to suit all budgets 
Q ˃ Do you have a minimum spend?  
Yes the minimum spend is £300 
Q ˃ Do you cater for people with allergies?  
Yes I do. All your guests allergies are discussed at the first phone call, I am fully trained and up-to-date with all present allergies 
Q ˃ Can you cook for vegans and vegetarians I can't see these dishes on the menu?  
Yes, I can cater for all special diets 
Q ˃ What do you supply? "I don't have enough plates and cutlery for my event"  
Don't worry I have all the necessary tableware plates cutlery decorations and more, I bring my own pots, pans and cleaning equipment so you don't need to worry about a thing 
Q ˃ Can you wine pair and do you charge for this?  
I don't normally charge for a wine pairing service but if you also want me to purchase the wine to go with your meal there is a charge of £50.00 plus the actual wine cost. You just need to let me know what your wine budget is per bottle. This I discuss over the phone to get a complete understanding of your requirements 
Q ˃ Can you supply a butler/waiter?  
This is dependent on numbers of your event, but yes I can with no extra cost. If your event is small but you still want that service there is an extra charge involved 
Q ˃ Can you do birthday cakes? 
Yes I can do birthday cakes if your wanting this service birthday cakes start from £35 upwards 
Q ˃ Do you supply the bread and butter?  
Yes I do, I will give you a choice of bread, this can be discussed when you call  
Q ˃ Can you bring wine glasses? 
This is the only thing I don't supply 
Q ˃ When do you arrive and what do I need to do before you come?  
I normally arrive 90 minutes before sometimes up to 2 hours, all I ask is your kitchen is clean and tidy so I can start straight away after introducing myself to you and your guests 
Q ˃ Are your travel expenses included?  
Yes they are included unless it is out of my area, this is discussed with the booking 
Q ˃ Are you insured? 
Yes I am fully insured 
Q ˃ What do I need to pay when I book?  
Full payment for your event is needed on booking which is held in a secure bank until 24 hours after your event 
Q ˃ What happens if I need to cancel?  
I do have a strict cancellation policy in place this will be stated in your confirmation letter 
Q ˃ I found out my numbers have gone up what do I do?  
Contact me as soon as you know so I can make the necessary adjustments 
Q ˃ How many courses can I have?  
As many as you require, normally it's between 4 and 8 
Q ˃ How do I make a payment?  
Payment is either via bank transfer or via PayPal 


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