Friends round for dinner for a classic dish turned modern. 


People have always asked me why I became a chef? The answer is probably because of my Mum and my late father. They were both always in the kitchen cooking up a storm browsing through either supercook magazines or old fashioned cordon blue books, "which are still used to this day". I remember fond times as a little boy when my Mum let me do the normal things in the kitchen like licking the raw cake batter off the spoon and making jelly in moulds, racing cars and teddy bears, milky jelly being a firm favourite and banana splits. I remember the banana being cut in half and resting in a glass boat dish, the neapolitan ice cream, squirty cream and 100's and 1000's, the ones with all the artificial colours that drove kids insane. I was always brought up around food and cooking. Mum and Dad used to cook elaborate dishes spending hours in the kitchen, especially at Christmas. I especially remember my Mum bringing out a fantastic crown of lamb from the kitchen and another of me holding the first cake I made, I must have only been seven. My Mum also used to work as a cook for a recording studio in Cookham near Maidenhead. She prepared the food at home and then took it to the Mill studio where she finished it and served it to a number of bands such as Gilbert O' Sullivan, Twisted Sister, Climax Blues band to name a few. For my mum this was like being a private chef back in the 80's. With all this involvement I suppose it was only natural to follow in my mum's footsteps for my career in later life, and here I am now writting my first blog on my private chef website. I look back and think "Thanks mum and dad", thanks for all the support, time and patience you've given me during my career. 


Being a firm favourite for years now, I had some friends over for dinner last weekend and decided to recreate the flavours of this dish and serve it in a more up to date fine dining style using modern cooking methods and textures. 


So there were several things I had to think about before creating the dish: 
Flavours only using ones from the clasic dish 
textures to make it more interesting 
what sauce? 
what accompliments? 
what cooking methods? 
what cut of pork? 
With all the above in mind I got creating. I used pork tenderloin to replace the pork chop which was also good for cooking sous vide, my choice of cooking method in a slow water bath set to 62oc for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Before this I wrapped each portion in smoked pancetta tied in cling film and then placed in a medium sous vide bag which was then vacuumed. Next there was only one thing to serve this with and that was mash! This was to mop up that lovely sauce mum used to make. The mash with butter and Dijon keeps it in line with the classic french dish. Other flavour combinations included smoked bacon, white wine, and shallots. The shallots were added as a puree with a smoked flavour to it using a powered smoke from a spanish company called SOSA selling modern flavour and textures. I also served with this a half roasted shallot which had been cooked in chicken stock powder from essential cuisine great products who I've used for ten years now and some butter placed under vacuum in a water bath until soft. I used some savoy cabbge for colour as well. The textures of the dish all seemed very soft so I made a smoked bacon crumble using the thermomix a great piece of kit, blending down the bacon and flour to a fine powder to make a bacon flour and then adding butter and baking to a crisp golden crumb. It worked, adding a great dimesion to the dish.  
The outcome of the dish who I dedicate to my mum and late father was a great one which I will undoubtly cook again. It will appear on the menu later in the year, you can just ask me if you would like this dish added to your event. I hope you enjoy it as much a I enjoyed creating it. 
Happy Cooking  
Tim Hyde-Sykes 
Private Chef at 40 
"A Unique Dining Experience" 
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