A birthday dinner in York from private chef at 40 
The one thing I love about my job is meeting people and the amazing houses I get to cook in. Recently I did a job in York in which the people I met were the warm and very welcoming. It's a big thing letting a stranger into your home and cooking for friends and family. 
The event and menu 
Betty booked her dinner with me to celebrate her birthday in York nearby to Sutton on the forest, Bishopthorpe and Stillington with a group of 8 girlfriends. I worked closely with Betty with a bespoke menu service and she decided on 4 course menu which consisted of the following from Timothy Hyde-Sykes Private chef at 40 
A poached salmon roll with a lemon mayonnaise 
Bistro Mozzarella and roasted tomato salad with aged balsamic vinegar 
Fillet of lamb with curried giant cous cous and roasted yellow cummin cauliflower Bombay crumb and spinach purée 
Single origin chocolate brownie with vanilla micro sponge and summer fruits in a crisp tuille tuile  
Arrival of private chef at 40 
On arriving it's normal for me to set the table decorations but this time Betty herself did this and what a job she did, beautifully laid out with a gold theme and gold cutlery to match and champagne saucers stacked in a tier. She had this instead of her birthday cake which her husband poured champagne on when all the guests had finished arriving. Magical! 
I set up ready for the evening whilst her other guests arrived and introduced myself as their chef for the evening talking through the above menu. I showed the brownies to betty a new idea I had something a little different with gold streeks running over the top of them pure pure coincidence matched her table. What luck! 
Freshly baked on the morning of events  
The starter 
The starter consisted of roasted tomatoes so they where still warm and using marinated mozzarella balls. Also an aged 10 year old balsamic vinegar and peppery rocket leaves to start the meal off. A nice light start to the evening along with hand made bread which I make for all my clients. I normally give him a choice of 4 or 5 which is baked fresh in the morning of the event. 
The main 
Then the main a lovely fillet of lamb cooked sous vide gently cooking away whilst I heated up the purée of bright green spinach purée also in the water bath so I did not loose that vibrant colour. The cous cous a fantastic compliment and great texture was heated up on their amazing gas aga also adding some fine dice of red pepper for colour. In a oven some yellow cumin roasted cauliflower florets. This was a brand new dish just for Betty with new cooking techniques I've not used before. The outcome was a fantastic dish well balanced and great to eat said Betty and her guests. 
Wine and dessert 
With Betty's husband floating around topping up his wife's and her guests wine making sure they were well watered and my little helper of their son helping me get together the cutlery for the dessert. I started plating the dessert after they had finished the main course giving them plenty of rest as this was a rich dessert. A totally different way of presenting and making a brownie. I had an idea I wanted to try as a brownie was not your normal fine dine dessert. So I chose to use a single origin chocolate Sao thome a 70% dark chocolate couverture from callebaut with subtle floral and herbal notes a great choice I thought. Using a silicone half sphere mould to bake the brownie in but aerating all the ingredients giving it a baked brownie mousse texture chilling and then replacing in the moulds which had been paint streaked with gold and lined with more Sao thome chocolate the outcome was perfect a method I had not done and taken a risk on and I'm glad I did. Plating up the dessert with some soft berries which was encased in a crispy tuille biscuit and spots of raspberry fluid gel and some espuma white chocolate sponge finished this dish off perfectly. On serving the dessert all the guests gasped in excitement and how great it looked and then silence as they devoured the lot. 

End of the evening 

Whilst Betty and her guests finished off the meal I started cleaning down the kitchen making sure all is how it was when I arrived and started to pack ready to go. Making sure all was ok before I did I quietly said my goodbyes to a great group of people who enjoyed the evening cooked by me Timothy private chef at 40. 
Why not consider me for your next event or dinner does not have to be a celebration you save on wine, taxis and baby sitters all in the comfort of you own home just click on the menus tab and have a look. And if you have any questions contact me or look for the tab questions and answers 
Until then "happy Cooking." 
Timothy Hyde-Sykes 
Founder/Head Chef 
Private Chef at 40 
"A Unique Dining Experience" 

Links  Sao tome chocolate as used in the brownies  http://www.chocolatetradingco.com/buy/callebaut-sao-tome-dark-chocolate-chips?k=sao  Giant cous cous as used in the lamb dish https://www.amazon.co.uk/Buy-Whole-Foods-Online-Ltd/dp/B00FMCCBIK/ref=sr_1_1_a_it/260-9148125-9611004?ie=UTF8&qid=1527453973&sr=8-1&keywords=israeli+couscous  Moulds for brownie http://www.homechocolatefactory.com/PROD/Silicon-Moulds/SF001.html  

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